Q: Good morning Dr I have interest in Botox cosmetic for my face and I whant to know who mouch can be the price for all in my face( estimate) tk for you time.

A: Botox is best for areas like the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the crow's feet around the eyes. Each area requires different amounts of Botox, and each person requires different amounts of Botox, so it's difficult to give a price without an examination first. For the lower part of the face, fillers like Juvederm works better. If you want something that can improve the wrinkles in your face with or without Botox, then Pelleve is also a great option.
If you have further questions, feel free to stop by the office and I can give you a free consultation.

Q: Do you take Davis Vision insurance?

A: Davis Vision Insurance is primarily to get a pair of glasses. We are a medical and surgical practice. What you can do is come to us for an eye exam and get a prescription for glasses, then you can use your Davis Vision insurance at a glasses store to get a pair of glasses.

Q: I am a male, 48 years old, and wear bifocals. My prescription is D.V. Spherical D.V. (O.D.) -6.75 Cylindrical -.100; (O.S.) -5.75 Cylindrical -0.25; Add O.D. +2.00, O.S. +2.00. My question is: would Lasik surgery be useful for me given my continuing need to wear reading glasses? Thanks.

A: Thank you for this question - LASIK would be useful in that it could remove your need for glasses to see distant objects; however you would still need to wear reading glasses. There is an option called monovision, where we would correct one eye to distance vision, and one eye would be slightly undercorrected so you could see near objects. Not everyone can tolerate that, and we would do some testing to see if you would be a candidate for that type of LASIK, but the people who can adapt are generally very happy and do not need to wear glasses except for very small print.