Q: I am extremely near-sighted (-9.00) and I have an interest in LASIK. If I qualified for the procedure, how improved could my eyesight become?

I understand that this is a difficult question to answer without examination of my eyes, but I am wondering if you had severe cases like mine and if they were successful.

Thank you!

A: Thanks for the great question!
Depending on the state of your corneas, it may be possible to do LASIK or PRK, however since it would be a large correction the side effects and risks go up accordingly. If you look at the website, there is another option called ICL, which is specifically designed for people with high myopia like yourself. It's been called "HD vision", because the clarity of the vision afterwards is better than LASIK, and it's also completely reversible. If you are interested, feel free to come in for a free consultation!

Q: Good afternoon. Do you accept HIP? Do I need a referral if I need eye exam?

Thanks !

A: We accept most insurances, and yes we accept HIP. With regards to a referral, each insurance company has different rules, so you should ask the receptionist that question when you call to make an appointment.