SLT laser

The SLT laser is an advanced treatment for open angle glaucoma. It does not rely on medicines, but instead uses an advanced laser system to precisely target only specific cells of the eyes which leaves the surrounding healthy tissue intact. It can increase the outflow of fluid from the eye, which then lowers the intraocular pressure.

SLT is safe, and is not associated with systemic side effects or cost and compliance issues of medications.

SLT is usually performed in the office, and only takes a few minutes. Generally, the procedure does not cause pain, but a sensation of a bright light may be experienced. The eye pressure may drop as quickly as a day or more after having SLT performed. Usually the eye is treated with anti-inflammatory drops after the procedure.

There are no incidences of allergy or systemic side-effects with SLT. Complications are minimal, but may include inflammation, temporary increase in eye pressure, blurred vision, headache, corneal edema, or mild eye pain.