Patient Testimonials

by stantastic22

I was apprehensive on getting my eyes worked on b/c my entire career depends on them as a dentist, but Dr. Wu was very honest with pros/cons of the surgery and earned my trust immediately at the very first consultation. I did a lot of research before going in and found that they used the most up-to-date proven lasers. The actual LASIK surgery was a breeze. The surgery went very smoothly and most importantly was pain free. Recovery time was short and followup care was clear and thorough. Now I have better than 20/20 vision. I would refer anyone to Dr. Wu.

Pros: fast, honest, fair price, good results


As thorough a doctor as they come
by rcsleague

Dr. Alexander Wu is one of the most caring doctors that we have ever seen. Your worries and concerns are a priority to him. When he treats and examines you he does not rush. He takes his time and explains to you everything in detail once the examination is over. Dr. Wu is a model doctor. Other doctors should do half of what he does and that would be great. Once you get examined by Dr. Wu you can be assured that you are in excellent hands. I have recently recommended 4 new patients and will contine to do so.

Pros: Very Caring and Patient to your problems and Concerns
Cons: I have to see any drawbacks


Caring doctor that I've told my friends to see!
by Dermi

Dr Alexander Wu is the best doctor to see about Botox. I think generally Botox is a bit of a scary procedure but Dr Wu makes you feel totally comfortable. I've told my friends who are considering Botox to head straight to Dr Wu as he can be trusted to give an honest consultation.

Pros: Caring and affordable
Cons: None


You don't feel like your at the Doctor
by JudgementDay

Dr. Wu isn't your typical doctor that jumps right in with the scalpel and tells you what he's doing later he takes the time to explain everything step by step which to me is a great doctor. he realized that everything he was saying was very new to me and lets face it somewhat over my head and that before I made my decision he asked me how i was feeling about everything and if I needed more information or time before moving on to the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Wu to anyone who is looking for his field of expertise, he's not just trying to get you to the operating table he's very consultative and patient. Everyone can have a degree, whats more important is can you be a person first. Dr. Wu is.....

Pros: very comfortable


Brilliant eye surgeon!
by gane

Brilliant eye surgeon! I have terms of comparison. Four years ago I had cataract surgery of my left eye, performed by a doctor of great repute. Surgery was successful but even now I feel like a foreign object exists in my left eye. With Dr Wu, it all went in synch. Efficient consultation and preparation, excellent surgery at The Mackool Eye Institute., fast recovery, and perfect vision, and my right eye fills like a natural!

I would definitely recommend this versatile doctor for many eye care procedures!

Cons: ..too modest an office space and waiting area available for such a highly-rated professional on demand.